swf 1501 single head embroidery machine

Brother Single Head Embroidery Machine Options

2 Single Head Embroidery Machines other than Brother PR-1000

Many home embroidery people using a Brother sewing machine naturally look to Brother when they are looking for a single head embroidery machine when they decide to go into the home embroidery business.

Brother makes a good product, but there are other, more professional single head embroidery machines that make a great embroidery business starter unit as well.

What to look for in a Single Head Embroidery Machine for Pros

The embroidery machines  you typically find on the Brother website are really more just upgraded consumer sewing machines, or they are only 6 or 10 needle machines.

The more needles you get on your single head embroidery machine, the more options you have for your new embroidery business. A six needle embroidery machine is really geared towards just doing monograms.

Getting a monogram machine is fine, and there are lots of small embroidery businesses out there using one, but they really have the same versatility, longevity or resale value when you’re ready to upgrade as as 15 needle single head embroidery machine does. AND they’re not that much cheaper.

There is a price difference, because you can buy a cheap embroidery machine for $500 to 5000, but a professional model with run you about $12-13K

embroidery machine cheap


Here’s a professional version – you can see the difference!

swf 1501 single head embroidery machine


Why is one of these 15 Needle Single Head Embroidery machines better?

Having 15 needles means you can have 15 colors of thread  loaded all the time – you’ll save huge amounts of time on swapping color and threading vs. a 6 needle.

Software is better! Commercial embroidery machines, like that 1501T from SWFEast comes with good digitizing software called Stitch Era.

Training comes with it! Running a commercial embroidery machine isn’t the same as running your Brother sewing machine. You will need software training, machine maintenance training and maybe even some business help.

Here’s a video on the cheapest SWF Embroidery Machine for business you can buy


The point here is dont’ settle for a Brother single head embroidery machine before you look at all your options!

3 DTG Printer Custom T-Shirt Markets

Effectively marketing a direct to garment T-shirt business will be the foundation of your success. Here are three great markets for your DTG T-shirt company.


Start by sending samples to large distributors of your high quality custom tees printed on your dtg printer just for them, to retailers. Having your product in leading retailers can build your fan base, as well as the finances needed to help enter other markets.

DTG Printer from ColDesi

There are few hard and fast pricing guidelines for selling to retailers, but one is wholesale pricing should not have the markup of a retail sale. If you plan to sell wholesale, retailers often look for items they can price with 100 percent (or so) markup.

Calculate your price for an order, adding a small amount based on volume. A dollar or two adds up when dealing in bulk. It can help to provide a sliding scale. Buying two dozen shirts at one price, but buying a gross gives them better pricing. Markup should decrease as the order amount increases.


Selling print on demand (POD) online is one of the hottest retailing trends and can certainly be a serious moneymaker. Making it easier to buy T-shirts means selling more, so having the right e-commerce site is essential.

First, purchase a domain name, something short and easy to remember. Next, set up an e-commerce website. It can be free through WordPress.com, Wix.com or another source, but a paid, hosted site is more useful for serious e-commerce.

Make sure you are able to accept online payments. PayPal is the industry “standard,” offering a convenient way to use credit cards or electronic checks for payment.

Learn search engine optimization to promote your online store and advance to the top of search engine results. SEO lets people looking for your products discover your website first. Connect with websites in interests similar to your “brand,” asking them to link to your site from their page. This will help build link popularity.

Trade Shows and Fairs

Trade shows and fairs are other exciting T-shirt markets, especially if you can actually bring your dtg printer with you. You can meet with buyers from stores, chains and other retailers. For local shops, you can meet the staff, buy things from them and show support. Some brands get into stores simply by befriending the staff.

Always bring samples of your best products, so they see, touch and feel your product. Buyers must know what to expect in your product line.

Be prepared with an order form with necessary information: payment options, order minimums, delivery dates, contact info and so on. Have a line sheet with your entire product line, with retail and wholesale prices.

Often, buyers want to see your brand grow before they commit to a spring line, then later say yes to your fall line. For more information in dtg printers, click here.

What do you think is a great market for DTG T-shirts?


White Ink: Yes or No?

You decided to make more money with a DTG printer. Excellent choice! Now decide if you will print white inks on darks. The answer may be obvious.

You made a resolution to add a direct to garment printer to your existing apparel decoration business. Perhaps you are an entrepreneur launching your own direct to garment printing startup.


Once you decide to purchase a DTG printer , you have one other major choice—whether or not to print with white inks. That is the biggest question for those just starting direct to garment printing.

In shops that include DTG printer http://www.dtgprintermachine.com/ designs to their screen printing business, the cost of DTG Inks makes it a valid question. Most screen printers have ink costs of around $.25 per shirt. To them, the price differences in Genuine DTG Inks represent a significant increase.

There are pros and cons to printing with white DTG ink, including real output, additional maintenance and the learning curve for new technology. However, the only genuine considerations in deciding to print with white inks are your customer base, how much effort you want put into learning DTG printer process and what will be the return on investment.

One thing is clear; a DTG printer using white ink is an excellent way to grow your business, as long as you properly evaluate both good and bad.